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I always wanted to make easy money. I guess you want too. But how can I just sit behind my computer and still make a lot of money. You can use PTC sites. But not all sites are usefull so I made a list for you.

What is a PTC?


So what exactly is a PTC? The meaning of the abbreviation is ''Paid to Click''. Those sites offer you daily ads, which are clickable by you. You earn to watch some seconds to this ad and then you will get paid. Some sites offer more than only Paid to Click ads, they might offer you surveys or little jobs you can do to make money. If you want to earn some extra cash than you should start using these sites.

Important about PTC


  • Trustworthy or not?

  • How many ads/day

  • Payout/ad

  • Minimum payout

  • ​Alternative ways to mae money

  • ​Maximum referrals

  • ​Payout per referral click